Fusion - resistance - John Leguizamo Celebrates Latino History as an Act of.

Arc welding is one of the many types of fusion welding. Arc welding joins two pieces of metal together by using an intermediate filler metal. The way this works is by completing an electrical circuit to create an electrical arc . This electrical arc is 6500 o F in its center. [3] This electrical arc is created at the tip of the filler metal. As the arc melts the metal, it is moved either by a person or a machine along the gap in the metals, creating a bond. This method is very common as it is typically done with a hand held machine. Arc welding machines are portable and can be brought onto job sites and hard to reach areas. It is also the most common method of underwater welding. Electrical arcs form between points separated by a gas. In the process of underwater welding a bubble of gas is blown around the area being welded so that an electrical arc may form. Underwater welding has many applications. Ship hulls are repaired and oil rigs are maintained with underwater arc welding.

“An entertainer entertains, and that’s needed too. But an artist is somebody who stands up for things, and I think that those who have a voice need to stand up and speak out,” Leguizamo told Ramos.

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